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Located in Milperra Sydney, Daimler Trucks Milperra is conveniently located to supply you quickly with the truck parts you need. Our state-of-the-art computerised inventory system ensures demand is always met, and with daily delivery service, you aren't left waiting for parts when you need them most.

Get the right parts for EVERY job, EVERY time.

Our extensive range of truck, van and bus parts:

  • Fuso Genuine Truck & Bus Parts. Keep your vehicle operating at its very best. We stock the entire range of Fuso parts & accessories.
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Truck and Bus Parts. Savings without compromise. Ask about the range of Mercedes-Benz parts & accessories we have available.
  • Freightliner Genuine Truck Parts. For optimum performance, efficiency and reliability, insist on Genuine Freightliner parts.
  • Alliance Truck Parts. Don't trade quality for value. Ask about the range of Alliance parts & accessories we have available.

Why choose genuine parts?

Genuine Parts, Accessories, Lubricants and Chemicals are specifically designed for the Freightliner, Fuso and Mercedes-Benz Trucks & Vans.

Genuine Parts, Lubricants, Chemicals and Accessories also provide you with peace of mind as they are covered by our 1 year/100,000km nation-wide warranty. Look for the manufacturer logo for your symbol of quality.

Always insist on Genuine Replacement Parts, Lubricants, Chemicals and Accessories.

Parts delivered to you

We understand you can't be kept waiting, so we operate four delivery trucks that distribute parts twice daily to most Sydney greater metro areas.

Our daily delivery times are:

  • 9am
  • 1pm
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